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A day trip to The Everglades

November 19, 2016

Just a short hop away from Miami are some of Florida's most alluring, charismatic and well-known attractions. So, if you're tired of clubbing and celebrity-watching, take a break and head for the some of the most exciting sights that lie around the city.

For those of us who like our outdoors without the tourist trappings, there is Everglades National Park, 1.5 million acres of glorious low-lying, subtropical wilderness. The Everglades provides the perfect excuse to escape from the rat race and reconnect with nature. Here, you'll be able to witness alligators’ backs breaking the water, anhingas flexing their wings before breaking into a corkscrew dive or the slow, dinosaur flap of a great blue heron gliding over its domain.

Got a couple of extra days on your hands? Head to Everglades City where you can enjoy the park's unparalleled marine ecologies. The Glades should be approached with the same silence and gentle persuasion it shows its inhabitants. Come by car and canoe, bike, kayak or walk around the park. To understand the way a nutrient-rich patch of water produces a mosquito that feeds a frog, who becomes lunch for a ‘gator, who snaps up a fish that gets speared by an anhinga under these long, low marsh winds, you need to be still. In the quiet spaces, you realize that the Everglades, so often dismissed as a swamp, are more beautiful than all the sin and flash Miami can produce. South Beach changes by the day. The Glades have beautifully endured forever, and if we’re very lucky, they’ll last that much longer.

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