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Farmers and Antiques Markets

May 08, 2016

It's Sunday, it's a beautiful day out there. Is time to head out and check out the Lincoln Rd. Farmers and Antiques Market.

Lincoln Road is just a couple of blocks away from El Paseo Hotel. Visitors can go north on Drexel Avenue or Washington Blvd. and you will find it. Lincoln Rd. is full of shops and restaurants. You can also find bars, souvenir shops, even a spa.

Every Sunday people come to walk around Lincoln Rd. to visit the Farmers Market. They sell all kinds of fruits, veggies, flowers, spices, smoothies, empanadas etc.. Every other Sunday you can also find the Antiques Market.

Savvy shoppers who enjoy a look back at retro fashions and mid-century furnishings seek out the seasonal antique and flea market that runs from October through May on the western streets of the mall where a variety of vintage clothing, jewelry and furniture dealers spread out their unique collectibles early Sunday mornings creating a virtual treasure hunt for adventurous early risers.

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