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Miami Beach's Best Craft Cocktail Bars

October 13, 2016

There's no reason why you should have to settle for vodka cranberries, can-mix piña coladas and watered down mojitos. Expand your drinking horizons and cultivate your palette with these craft drink bars we think are changing the cocktail scene in Miami Beach:

My Sweet Liberty

The Spirited Awards have been crowning the best in the service industry since 2002. At their spirits industry festival, Tales of the Cocktail, in New Orleans, 110 judges picked Sweet Liberty Drinks & Company for "Best New American Cocktail Bar."

My Sweet Liberty is a really cool bar located on South Beach without the South Beach vibe. The whole backbone of this business is an accessible luxury. You can come in here in flip-flops and get a drink or a plate of food and it'll be just as good for half-the-price that you can get at one of these major hotels.

Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami

This Miami Beach bar, blocks away from the swanky Fontainebleau hotel, is anything but a typical hotel bar. It's set inside a hostel, and customers order at a tiki-themed bar top and sit on mismatched chairs by a pool, a scene that resembles a residential back yard rather than a Miami lounge.

Bodega Speakeasy

At first glance, Bodega is a simple Mexican taqueria serving up simple, traditional tacos and Mexican street food. The place is unpretentious, affordable and perfectly out of place among the glitz and glamour that South Beach is better known for.

Then look for the blue porta-potty door and enter, you’ll be standing in a tiny room with urinals high on the walls. Walk on through yet another door and you would have entered the strange and wondrous speakeasy that lies on the other side.

The fully stocked bar stretches the length of the wall. Bartenders serve up a mean Old Fashioned and spicy margaritas to the gyrating crowd as they pulse rhythmically to the beat of old school hip-hop, reggae and club bangers. The mood is electric, the drinks strong and the crowd committed to the extracting every last drop of serotonin from their synaptic vesicles.

The Regent Cocktail Club at The Gale Hotel

The 1940s-era décor makes the place seem like a speakeasy in the middle of tourist-ridden South Beach. Dim lights, antiqued furniture, old champagne glasses, and a cocktail menu fit for Frank Sinatra are all part of its perks. Unlike the clichéd fluorescent SoBe slushies, Regent's concoctions make the old new again. Classic drinks include sazeracs, original daiquiris, old-fashioneds, sidecars, French 75s, Manhattans, pisco sours, mai tais, and mint juleps. The Regent does what every neo-bar in town has been trying to do for the past five years: make the past hip again.

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