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Miami Guide to Working out on Vacation

November 27, 2016

Miami is all about looking your best and feeling great about yourself. Don’t let you vacation plans come in between and your healthy lifestyle with these tips to stay in shape all vacation long!

Running on the beach: The most obvious and inviting option for vacation workouts in Miami is a good old fashioned run. The beach itself is always a good option, though running on sand can be difficult. Fortunately, Miami Beach has a paved beach path that begins at 5th street and runs up to 22nd, where it turns into a boardwalk that stretches all the way up to 49th street. Running the entire thing is just over eight miles round trip.

Lummus Park Pull-up bars: If running isn’t your thing and you just want to do some basic dry land workouts, Lummus Park features pull-up bars, dip bars and an incline bench for sit-ups between 7th and 8th streets on the East side of Ocean Drive.

Taking a swim: The Ocean is a great place to get in some solid open water swimming. Especially during the summer – when water temperatures are regularly in the 80s – the calm waters of the Atlantic allow you to get in a rigorous workout while simultaneously enjoying Miami’s picturesque beach. An added bonus is that you can sight off the hotels on shore to see how far you’ve swam. And, more importantly, where you left your towel.

Barre Motion: Looking for a firmer, lifted backside? Elongated, toned thighs? A stronger core? Then head to the barre. Barre Motion, that is. Inspired by the artistic athleticism of ballet, punctuated by the mindfulness of yoga and Pilates, Barre Motion yields results beginning in as little as one week.

Barry’s Bootcamp: If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Katie Couric and Juliette Lewis — well, it's good enough for us. This indoor bootcamp-style class can deliver up to an incredible 1,000-calorie-burn per hour workout.

Flywheel Sports: Touted for their trademark indoor stadium-seating cycling classes, Flywheel remains South Florida’s top spinning class facility. Once riders are seated in the arena-like classroom, the lights are switched off, the music is blasted and a peppy instructor leads the way. There’s even arm weights segment during each class and flat screens to track one’s performance (brilliant for competitive types).

Green Monkey: Say “Namaste” to yoga. Strengthen both your body and mind by getting Downward Dog. Yogis here get flexy to a spate of yoga practices such as Vinyasa flow, power yoga and Jivamukti-inpired classes.

Paddleboarding with TKS: Want to know what it feels like to walk on water? Here’s your chance. Paddleboarding offers an amazing workout — with an emphasis on arms and core — while living the life aquatic. Stand up on a paddleboard, row to your heart’s content and soak in Miami’s stellar bayside views.

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