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Sunset Harbour Shops

March 16, 2016

One of my favorite stores is Eberjey, which specializes in intimate apparel and baby clothes. There are many other unique shops that you can only find in here. 

If you are a healthy person and love working out this is the perfect area for you. Green Monkey has one of the best Yoga classes in South Beach. For hardcore workouts don’t hesitate to try Barry’s Bootcamp, you will definitely get your sweat on.

Is it time for coffee break? Panther Coffee is Miami’s premier homegrown coffee shop, known for roasting its beans on-site. The coffee comes from small growers around the world—especially Central and South America.

Finally I want to mention that the food in this area is amazing. The best burgers are at Burger and Beer. Also try Sardinia and Lucali for Italian food; Barceloneta for delicious Spanish tapas and Pubbelly for some pork-belly or sushi. If you want to grab lunch I recommend Mexican food from Tequiztlan or the famous Ice Box Cafe.

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