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11 - Oct
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Where:Port of Miami, 1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132, Miami, Florida, United States, 33132
Travel with Kym to the Bahamas from Miami! Oct 11-14, 2019 The DFW TAKEOVER         DayPort of CallArrival TimeDepart Time Fri Miami, FL   04:00 PM Sat Fun Day At Sea     Sun Nassau, The Bahamas 08:00 AM 05:00 PM Mon Miami, FL 08:00 AM   These prices are for oceanview cabins 2 people in a cabin: $405 per person 3 people in a cabin: $337per person     Each person is required to make a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. The $50 will be applied to your account balance. If you cancel your trip or fail to pay the remaining balance for your cabin, you will NOT receive a refund.   All guest are required to make a minimum payment of $50 each month Your entire balance must be paid off by Aug 12, 2019   Things you should know:  Each guest is required to pay Gratutites/Tip. You can pay it before you sail out or you can pay in on the ship in Oct.  Gratuities/Tip required per person: $41.97  What does the price include:Your cabin accomodations, all meals, entertainment and on-board activities and lots of FUN! What is not included in the price? Flights to Miami, transportation  to and from the Port of Miami,  parking, gratuities, and travel insurance. Please consider travel insurance. Travel is an investment and anything could happen and you may have to cancel. Vacation Protection: $49.00 per person.  Sailing Away Has Never Been More Affordable   Cruising was once a travel option reserved for the wealthy and well-to-do. But due to the massive growth this industy has seen in recent decades, cruising has become much more accessible. Should you consider a cruise for your next vacation? Here are ten reasons to go for it:   1. Wake Up Each Morning in a Different Port   Hotel-based vacations cannot compete in this area. On a cruise, your "hotel" floats from place to place allowing you to see many points of interest on a single trip. There's nothing quite like going to sleep in Antigua and waking up in St. Thomas. Just one cruise will leave you feeling like