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21 - Feb
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Where:FLOYD, 34 NE 11th Street, Miami, Florida, United States, 33132
Line-up /

Martin Buttrich
Marcus Worgull
Andres Line

A doubleheader of monumental qualities!

Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat, Nervous and Desolat.

He's also put his sonic thumbprint on many big-ticket artists, notably receiving a Grammy nomination for a Tori Amos remix in 2003. Such diverse musical horizons are rare. While other prolific artists may have slowly watered down their music, Buttrich's star has risen in diametric opposition.

His vision has become more and more condensed, more and more crystallized. Flipping and puncturing grooves in a live setting is a snap for him!

Marcus Worgull's unique sound of emotive club music resonates across the spectrum.

His latest releases not only showcases his connection with house music, it also hints at his love of dub and reggae.

This open-minded approach to music is what makes Marcus Worgull succeed as a DJ who can perfectly read his audience, without losing his instinct for deep haunting grooves that feed his soul.

With support by Miami killers Danyelino and Andres Line!



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