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17 - Oct
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Where:VILLA POSITANO, 3080 Munroe Dr, Miami, Florida, United States
¿What is #TheBestSellers Choice? It is a networking event for professionals that highlights women and men who, through hard work, good stories and quality have become the most selling not only of their published books but of their image and products, causing a positive impact in the community. TheBestSellers Choice presents the edition of those # 1 writers in sales in Spanish in the United States according to the lists. It also recognizes the success of authors who are rising as writers. They influence and persuade their fans with their stories, empowerment and leadership, positively impacting other people, causing changes in both personal and social growth. Nominees 2019: TheBestSellers Women: - Isabel Allende (Novel)- Gloria Estefan (Leadership)- Sonia Sotomayor (Memoirs and Children Tales)- Rachel Hollis (Motivation)- María C. Arrarás (Memoirs)- María A. Collins (Self-help)- Mariana Atencio (Actuality)- Alejandra Llamas (Coaching)- Jeanette Torres (Moms)- Sascha Fitness (Nutrition and Fitness) TheBestSellers Men: - Paulo Coelho (Novel)- Armando Correa (Novel)- Jorge Ramos (News and Politics)- Dr. César Lozano (Self-help)- Ismael Cala (Leadership)- Alejandro Chabán (Entrepeneurship and Nutrition)- Walter Riso (Psychology and Empowerment)- Victor Florencio (Spirituality and New era) Rising Stars: - Paula Arcila (Memoirs) - Amelia Vega (Children's Stories)- Luz Avila-Kyncl (Mental health)- Vicente Passariello (Self-help)- Jackie Márquez (Children cooking)- Martha Calderón (Spirituality) Who makes #TheBestSellers Choice 2019 Edition? ______________________________________________________________ Aleyso Bridger  /CEO - Bridger Communications Anly Calderon / Manager - Bridger Communications Angela Calderon / CEO - Mujer Imagen Foundation Susan Montoya /CEO - USA Signature Events